image Water Purifier

How To Maintain Your UV Water Purifier

Having a water purifier in every home has become a necessity to protect yourself and family from waterborne diseases considering the increasing amount of pollution. Talk of water purifiers and you have a choice between UV (Ultraviolet) and RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers. They both do the job of filtering out impurities from the water […]

image Water Purifier

How To Maintain Your RO Water Purifier

Installing a water purifier at home has become a necessity to prevent health issues. But how many of us really spend time thinking which water purifier to buy? There are various water purification technologies available today, including gravity-based, ultra filtration and reverse osmosis (RO). However, the most commonly used in India are RO water purifiers […]

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How To Maintain A Refrigerator: Top 5 Tips

Wondering how to maintain a refrigerator and why you should do it? Your refrigerator is probably the most hardworking appliance in your home because it runs 24×7 all year long. It safely stores vegetables,fruits,dairy products,chocolates,juices,water,leftovers, and more.Just a couple of hours of power supply failure or breakdown can lead to spoilt fruits and milk. So, […]

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