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Tips To Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer

One appliance that’s as important as a TV or refrigerator in every home is a washing machine. It’s tough to even imagine managing without a washing machine for a few days due to a hectic lifestyle. A washing machine breaking down simply means piling up of untidy clothes and extra workload on you. Which is why it’s important that you know how to maintain your washing machine to keep it running smoothly.

Regular Cleaning Is A Must

Just because your washing machine does its job of cleaning dirty clothes does not mean that it doesn’t require cleaning. In fact, food and other stubborn stains on your clothes can affect the efficiency of your machine after a few wash cycles. We recommend that you clean the machine once every two weeks by running an empty cycle to keep it clean and odor free. All you need to do is pour in 3 cups of distilled white vinegar and run a hot water cycle without any clothes in the machine drum. This will flush out any bacteria or mould from the drum. If not white vinegar, you can just use hot water.

Do Not Overload The Machine

If you run a wash cycle once a week, we can image the amount of laundry that can pile up. Whether you’re using a top load machine or a front load machine, avoid overloading it or it will lead to less than perfect wash results and end up leaving the machine drum damaged. When the washing machine is overloaded, there is no space left for clothes to rotate during the wash cycle and we’re sure that’s not what you want. So avoid stuffing too many clothes at once to reduce your workload. This will not only waste water and your time but also result in a poor wash cycle.

Know What Not To Wash

Washing machines are great for cleaning all your fabrics but they’re definitely not meant for washing belts, coins, bags, etc. This is sure to break the door glass during the wash cycle. No matter how tough the door glass is but when something heavy or something as hard as a belt buckle spins at a high speed, there are very little chances of the door glass being safe. If you think coins are too light to damage the door glass, remember they’re too small and can easily end up blocking the washing machine filter.

Avoid Using Too Much Detergent

If you think adding too much detergent can result in a better wash cycle, you’re mistaken! No matter how stubborn the stains are, ensure to only use the required amount of detergent for each wash cycle. You can also refer to the washing machine manual to be sure about the detergent measurement. More than the required amount of detergent will only leave your clothes sticky even after the rinse phase, which is easily visible on dark coloured clothes. Not just that, it can also cause skin irritation if your skin is sensitive to chemicals that are used in the detergent. Lastly, make sure to use a good quality detergent without compromising on the budget. Detergents that are harsh can damage the machine parts and clothes.

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