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An Expert Guide to Buy a Fridge or Refrigerator

Urban Dictionary defines ‘Bachelor Fridge’ or commonly knows as a refrigerator as: “A condition commonly seen in fridges of single people, and people living as roommates, in which the fridge contains 237 half-empty condiment jars, leftover pizza and takeout, and not much else.”In severe cases, there may also be Tupperware containers that everyone is scared to open, full of unidentified stuff that may once have been food, or dairy products that have passed their expiry dates multiple times. In these cases, it is not recommended to attempt to clean the fridge without proper bio-hazard gear.Living alone as a bachelor can be challenging, even when you are buying appliances, you have to think of a thousand things. Do you buy a big fridge or small? Do you need a dispenser? Are you paying to chill empty spaces? So many things to consider, and yet, everyone thinks you have it easy. Let’s simplify it then – let’s tell you about the best refrigerators for bachelors.

Refrigerator Capacity

Obviously there is no way you will cook as much as you promised mom, so more often than not, there will be nothing to put in the fridge. But a really tiny fridge will also not do because when you do cook, it won’t have space to hold everything. A good size to have is around 190-litres.That way, there will be ample space on the shelves to hold the occasional bowl of leftovers, the takeaway you couldn’t finish, a few cans of your drinks, a couple of wine bottles and water. The vegetable box will have enough space to hold the produce you do buy for the week when your cook shows up, and the the freezer section can hold a few packs of salami and cold cuts for those quick sandwiches. But there won’t be space for much else, which is a good thing, because your fridge doesn’t have to chill empty spaces on the shelves. So there, we have the most ideal size for your needs as a single person living alone. You could buy a bigger fridge – but you would be overestimating your requirements and you will most often have a very empty fridge that you are paying to run for no practical reason.

Refrigerator Door Style

In the 190-litre range, you’ll only get a single door, direct cool fridge in that size. Single door fridges are often in the size best suited to a single person or even a couple and anything more is just extra space you do not need.But if you must buy a bigger fridge, as a future investment perhaps, a double-door fridge is good. If you go no more that 240-250 litres, a double door fridge will give you a bigger freezer (if you like having a lot of frozen food) and even a bigger vegetable box (so your cook always has something to make). In addition, there will be bigger door bins so you can store larger bottles, and those 2-litre bottles of soft drink can be cooled on days when you have a house party. There will be ample space in the fridge too to store a pizza box plus the leftovers from what your cook made. In most cases, such fridges will also have enough space to hold your midnight snacks and enough eggs for that post-workout heavy breakfast. Also, double door fridges will also give you some superior features than a single door fridge, but not be as great as a multi-door fridge.

Refrigerator’s Features

From quick cooling to faster ice and moisture control, fridges are now built to ensure a better user experience. But what features do you really need? How many of these features should you really care for?Toughened glass, spill proof, adjustable shelves: Let’s assume you have a party on Saturday and you are going to be in office during the day so you won’t have time to buy food. So you buy 6 portions of biryani for your friends on Friday and because you are too lazy to sort it out, you shove the entire pack into your fridge. It isn’t light, and it isn’t a small pack. shelves You need spill-proof shelves too. There is no saying when a particularly clumsy friend will spill the cola on a shelf when he is pouring it out in his glass. Sometimes people don’t even focus very well and spills can happen. When you are taking out stuff from the fridge with both hands and use your elbow or hips to close the door, often a small gap remains which affects the cooling inside. With a door alert, you’ll know if the door is left slightly ajar.

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